Your Time is Almost Up to Give Four Gifts at Once at OPEN WALLS

OPEN WALLS–our multi-disciplinary, multi-artist free-for-all explosion of beauty–is about to end. This Saturday, from 11 to 3, will be your last chance to see work from 60 diverse Edmonton artists. It will also be your last chance to nab a killer triple-gift for Christmas. 

Many of the OPEN WALLS works are for sale, and at some very reasonable prices. These are all original works and some are available for as little as $50 or even less. 

Art is a fantastic gift idea. Who doesn’t need more beauty in their life? When you give an original work of art you are giving a gift that is literally one-of-a-kind. Rather than being shelved or given away, your gift winds up on the wall, looked at daily, perhaps for years to come. I have many pieces in my home from friends and artists I know, and I think of those people nearly every time I view that work. It’s a great way to build on connections with friends and family.   

Art is a great gift for the receiver, but did you know your art gift becomes four gifts?

The second gift you give when you buy original art is to the artist herself. She has poured herself into this piece, put it out there for the world to see and is waiting for it to connect with someone. When you buy her work, you are supporting her ability to make more of it by adding to her bank account, but you are also encouraging her soul to head further in the direction of her creativity. That is a real gift.

The third gift you give is to the Bleeding Heart Art Space. 25% of every work sold at the Bleeding Heart goes back to the gallery. You help us host shows like OPEN WALLS again. You help us keep the lights on for every great event we produce or host.  We need every bit of support we can get, so your purchase of original art means a lot to this lil’ art space, too. 

Finally, your gift will enrich your own life. Knowing that you’ve given a meaningful, intentional gift of beauty to another person is a good feeling indeed. You’ve become Patron Of The Arts. In a time when it’s tough to make a living as an artist, that’s no small thing.

If you are wondering what to get for someone special, or perhaps your home could use a little sprucing up this season, give a gift that gives not once, but four times.  

Bleeding Heart takes cash and credit cards, and since it’s the final day of this show, you can take your work home with you the same day.

You have until 3 PM this Saturday. See you at OPEN WALLS!

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