Share your bleeding heart today

It's Giving Tuesday, and if you choose to support Bleeding Heart Art Space today, you can super-power that gift by inviting friends and family to give as well.

This type of share may come easy for you, or you may struggle with just how to say what you want to say. We've got some help for you.

One of our community members, an artist with a lot of experience raising funds for good causes, has generously provided the following text that you can use in full or draw from as you share your Bleeding Heart this season.

Today is giving Tuesday, a national day of recognition for those who give to help people around them.

I'm sending you this email today to talk to you about Bleeding Heart Art Space. In the past two years, Bleeding Heart has become a hub of activity for artists, musicians, writers, poets, thinkers and dreamers on Alberta Avenue. This space is a showcase for local artists, giving a voice to some who might otherwise remain voiceless.

Research has proven how spaces like this are a powerful force to create positive change in our communities. Look around you today - every time you turn on the news, scroll through your social media feeds or listen to the radio, you can hear and see distress and brokenness in our city. We need to cherish and support beauty in our communities, and Bleeding Heart Art Space does just this.

Taking it a step further, the exhibits displayed at Bleeding Heart are often centered on social justice issues. From awareness of mental health issues to discussions on poverty and indigenous issues, Bleeding Heart is a space where a desire for justice is expressed with a paintbrush. With ink, charcoal or sculpture. A place where faith is wrestled through, where tough questions can be asked, where hearts are stirred through staring long at a beautiful image on the wall.

I am very passionate about the work done through Bleeding Heart Art Space. We cannot operate without assistance from generous donors like you. Please take a minute to click on this link and consider giving what you can. Your donation will help keep the doors open and help to pay artists and musicians who are featured in the space. Consider becoming a monthly donor. All donations are tax-deductible.

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone who you think might be interested in partnering with us.

Thank you,

The giving link to share is

We know it's no small thing to give, or to ask others to give, and we are so grateful for your efforts.

For beauty. For justice. For artists. Our hearts bleed together.

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