OPEN WALLS 4 is an 'open mic' for visual art. This is your show.

We are opening our space for any artist to show one work of art. We will display the work for the duration of OPEN WALLS 4 and if the artist wants, sell the work on their behalf (25% of sales will be taken to support the gallery). There are very few limits, and so many wonderful pieces to take in.

Submitting to OPEN WALLS 4

OPEN WALLS is a 'rolling submissions' show, which means you can bring a work to add at any time during the show's duration, so long as there is hanging space left. Initial submissions will be accepted Saturday December 1st from 1 PM - 3 PM, and Wednesday December 5th from 6 PM - 8 PM. The show opens to the public on Saturday, December 8th and closes on Saturday, December 22nd.

Each artist is entitled to one submission and each submission must be accompanied by our submission form.

We look forward to seeing your work on our OPEN WALLS!