Volunteer as a Gallery Host to help us keep the doors open!

Gallery Hosts welcome guests into the Bleeding Heart Art Space in 2 hour shifts. Hosts work in pairs, meet great people and enjoy an atmosphere of peace and beauty. Not a bad way to spend some time, hey?

If you haven't volunteered before, you can simply fill out the simple form below and our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you within a day or two to start the process and help you select shifts.



Sign up for an available shift using the button above, and a member of our gallery team will contact you to complete your volunteer profile with any additional information we need.

If you are a regular, you can use the button below  to claim your next shifts at Timecounts.org - our volunteer management website. You can even trade shifts from their website! 

What are the duties of a Gallery Host?

Hospitality is the first priority of gallery hosts.

Your job is to ensure visitors feel welcome and cared for at Bleeding Heart Art Space. This includes a friendly hello upon arrival, but also plenty of quiet time and space for our guests as they interact with the art, or simply take a moment to be still. Gallery Hosts may also sweep or mop the floor, ensure there is a supply of toilet paper in the washroom or anything else you might consider when welcoming guests into your own home.

As a Gallery Host you will familiarize yourself with the current show (materials are on site), track the number of visitors and count donations that have come in on your shift. Tools are provided to handle all of these tasks simply on site, in our volunteer resource binder.

When are shifts?

Usually, shifts are Saturdays from 11 AM-1 PM and 1-3 PM.

Some special shifts come up during festivals and events.

Other ways to give your time

We are looking for help with art show installs, gallery cleaning, exhibit and event photography, blog and social media content and marketing. If you have these or other skills you'd like to offer, email art@bleedingheartart.space  

Any questions?

Email our gallery team at art@bleedingheartart.space