Today's Artist: Enter The Worship Circle Wants to Tear the Veil

I've been blessed with some very good people in my life. Some I can even call friends. Karla Adolphe and Ben Pasley are two such people, and they've been working on a new project for the past several months as Enter The Worship Circle.

In the past, both of these artists have made strong contributions to the world of music wrestling with faith. And both came to a similar point of questioning last year. Wondering if it was worth moving forward. Wondering if their stories as performing and recording musicians were over. 

Their story is not over. Turns out it is time for a new chapter.

Today marks the release of Down Here and Up Above,  the new Enter the Worship Circle album.

The album covers some new territory, full of digital beats and bleeps, but stays solidly in the realm of solidly singable. It may just be the set of new songs your church community is looking for. 

With lyrics like, 

"you made me for heaven,
I'm a heavenly thing
So help me remember
How you look at me"

The album might be a good cup of cocoa for the soul on a cold day like this. 

You can order it from iTunes here, or you can grab a physical CD here on their website, where you can also sign up for emails to follow their new story.

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