Everything You Need to Know about OPEN WALLS

In a handy list format, here is everything you need to know about our upcoming show, OPEN WALLS.

1. OPEN WALLS is awesome. 

You might assume this a presumptuous declaration, but I know. I know because we did this last year, for the first time, and it went so very well. I have every reason to believe it will go well again this year. Seeing the creativity of so many people in one little room is awesome. See a wide range of styles and skills from a broad spectrum of artists is awesome. Thus, OPEN WALLS is awesome.

2. OPEN WALLS needs your art.

OPEN WALLS is a group art show that takes a big risk. We don't start with any curated art. We simply open our walls and leave it to you to provide the work. Anyone can submit one piece of art. Of any size. In any format. Of (nearly) anything (families with young children will visit). You can submit a piece. You should submit a piece. Your friends should submit a piece. You should tell them, in case they don't already know.

3. Drop-off dates are just around the corner.

You can drop your work off at Bleeding Heart Art Space this Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM at Bleeding Heart Art Space. Or next Wednesday evening from 7-9. Or next Thursday evening from 7-9. Or anytime during the show (we'll keep adding as we go). Your work needs to be ready to hang. Framed is not a requirement, but ready to hang is. Make sure there is a wire or a hook or something, so we don't have to :) 

4. There is some paperwork.

Not a lot, we promise. But some. You need to sign a form that says you are leaving your work in the gallery space until November 19, when the show closes. You need to tell us if you want to sell your work and for how much. You need to agree that 25% of that sale will support the Bleeding Heart. You need to know we don't provide insurance for your work (though you can). 

It's all in brief form you can download by clicking right here

You'll need to bring this form when you drop off your work, or fill one out on site. 

5. OPEN WALLS could use a couple of hours of your time.

Bleeding Heart Art Space is volunteer powered. We have four volunteer gallery hosts every Saturday, and you can be one of them! We use a simple tool called SignUp.com to manage volunteers, and you can see and choose a shift right there. We're happy to answer any volunteering questions at volunteers@bleedingheartartspace.com, but either way, once you sign up, we'll be in touch and give you some quick training. 

6. It would be great if you told your friends and family.

We don't have a big marketing budget, but word-of-mouth is free. If you think this is a good idea, please tell somebody about it. You can point them to this blog post, or invite them to our Facebook event here. You'll probably get a warm feeling in your heart when you do this. That's normal.

7. OPEN WALLS opens October 29 at 11 AM.

That's right. Pretty soon now. Our opening events are pretty great because we have yummy snacks and friendly people. See you there?

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