HELD OVER! A NEW BEGINNING Now closes Oct 22 for a very good reason

Sometimes plans have to make way for a better reality. 

This is the situation we find ourselves in this week, having to move our closing ceremony and artist talk back one full week for Brandon Atkinson's A NEW BEGINNING.

But why?

We don't take this decision lightly.

We've been promoting October 15 since Kaleido Festival and I know people are looking forward to that date. So why move the event? The simple answer is because we want to support Brandon Atkinson. 

Brandon has landed a major public art commission out of the province and had to fly out for meetings this week. It was a last minute arrangement and the timing couldn't be changed. This is a landmark event in Brandon's career and it means he can no longer be with us for his closing or give an artist talk this Saturday.

I really want you to meet Brandon Atkinson, and I want us all to hear the stories within his intricate pen and ink drawings.

They are infused with Cree spirituality and stories I have no knowledge of, and I want to learn more. 

So we will all learn more, together, on October 22. The gallery will be open, as usual, from 11-3 that Saturday, with Brandon's talk at 1 PM.

You may think this sets our next show, OPEN WALLS, back by one week. You'd be right, but I think it's worth it. 

I hope you can join us on the new date, October 22, to meet Brandon Atkinson and share some snacks and conversations. It will be worth the wait. 

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