Give Online by Midnight Tonight for a 2015 Tax Credit!

There are so many ways to make a difference in this world. We can volunteer, advocate, create beauty and pray. We can also give money. In our country, the government will often give us a tax deduction for financial gifts, too.  

For those of us who care about the arts and a faith that puts love and mercy first, Bleeding Heart is one organization worth supporting.

I hope you'll consider including Bleeding Heart Art Space among those you support. While we run on a small budget we have many expenses. From smaller costs like running this website to larger bills like paying our rent, creating a real space costs real dollars.

We don't currently have paid staff, but we do pay our artists exhibition fees. We take only a small percentage from gallery sales and the rest goes to the creators. All of this reflects our mission to love artists until it hurts. 

All of this, of course, costs money.

You have until midnight tonight to make a donation that can be claimed for your 2015 taxes. 

CanadaHelps has set up a helpful calculator where you can see an estimate for just what your deduction is worth. For example, a donation of $1250–enough to pay one months rent for us–can provide a tax deduction of $577 for Albertan donors! You can try out the tax calculator here.

Your online gift will be made to St.Faith's Church–our umbrella organization and a registered Canadian charity. 

Every little bit helps, I promise.

Thank you, and may your final hours of 2015 be filled with art, faith, hope and love!

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