Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

Based on Google Analytics’ Unique Page Views (meaning actual different people who looked at the content), here are the ten most popular Bleeding Heart Blog posts of 2015.

Opening these numbers up is a little humbling for me. Many of these posts hover around 100 readers, which I realize is not a massive number. But it’s a number that has grown and will continue to grow. Especially when I watch our social media communities continue to grow. And it’s a real number, and I hope when you look at your own real numbers, these give you some perspective.

Numbers are only valuable, of course, for what they mean. What they teach us.

It seems that when I talk about sadness, failure and loss, people listen. Perhaps a call do dig deeper in the new year?

You also like numbered lists and photos. But then again, who doesn’t?

TEN: 13 Moments from the Tempelhof Airport Garden

Racking up 86 unique visitors over the year isn’t exactly record breaking, but the remarkable thing about this piece is that it wasn’t even published in 2015. It made it’s debut back on October 17, 2014 and still gets viewers every so often. Sometimes from Germany.


NINE: Everything Changes

With 94 unique views, people were pretty excited to read about how Grace and I dropped our only projector into a shattering mess. Or perhaps you were more interested in the ways that break paralleled the trajectory of Urban Bridge Church, the state and future of Bridge Songs and the 'glorious hope of perpetual resurrection’.


EIGHT: Open Walls Covered by CBC Edmonton

95 people took at this post about the coverage we received for our OPEN WALLS show in October, including a shared interview from CBC.


SEVEN: Submit Your Work and Show at the Bleeding Heart

<>When we asked for submissions, we broke a hundred. 102 visitors showed up for this party, which includes an animated wrestling gif.


SIX: Website Wednesday and the Template of Doom

From our Website Wednesday vault, this post got the most interest. 109 people wanted to know what Squarespace template to choose for their artists website.


FIVE: The Hardest Part

Coming in at 136 unique views, this piece was a short reflection on a decision my church made this summer to close her doors. That and some lyrics from a Coldplay song.


FOUR: More is More with Keith Walker’s Hot Glass Show

<>This post is the hardest I’ve worked so far on an art show review, bringing together description, reflection and a fair bit of ‘reading into it’. Photos and video rounded this piece out, and I remain proud of it.


THREE: 10 Minutes in Trello Changes Everything Today

<>203 Unique Page Views came in for this second oldie from 2014. This one deals with how I start my days. My good days, anyways. It also deals with a little system for Trello, the powerhouse visual organization app used by millions. I’m guessing the mention of the word Trello in the title keeps this one afloat.


TWO: I Am Not Winning

<>In a flurry of failure and frustration I spilled this little essay onto the screen. This cautionary tale of trying to do it all became the most read Bleeding Heart post (243 Unique Page Views) and held that title until something unexpected happend in the summer.


ONE: Onto the Shores at the End of Urban Bridge Church

On June 23, 2015 posted this reflection on the ending of Urban Bridge Church. Urban Bridge was a community I loved–a church that formed my being in significant ways, not the least of which was the birth of Bleeding Heart Art Space.

On this blog alone, 472 unique readers dropped by, far eclipsing any other piece of content here. It was also shared on the Urban Bridge Church blog, where it has garnered another 962 unique views from around the world. For a church whose attendance was a mere 50 or so at the end, this interest came as a welcome surprise. It leaves me with a few good questions I carry into 2016.


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