Alexis Marie Chute Creates Art from Everything (Including Jenga)

I've known Edmonton artist Alexis Marie Chute for a long time. In fact, one of her art-school pieces was the first piece of art my wife and I bought. Like, with actual money. 

ALTER , by Alexis Marie Chute

ALTER, by Alexis Marie Chute

Since then I've watched Chute tackle nearly every medium as her art has pulled her through some devastating times. From fashion to photos. Paintings to sculptures to writing to film. Chute is currently working on a documentary about the loss of her newborn son Zachery several years ago, called Expecting Sunshine

Chute has tackled that same difficult subject matter across many mediums, including photos at a past Bridge Songs. Rather than remain stuck, Chute has allowed her personal tragedy to connect her to the pain of others, from portrait subjects to readers of her blog. 

Chute has given back to the arts community. She organizes the annual InFocus Photography exhibit that brings together excellent photography from Alberta.

I am inspired by the sheer breadth and audacity of what Alexis Marie Chute attempts, and how often her attempts become beautiful successes. 

Alexis Marie Chute is one of 11 visual artists displaying work this Saturday as part of Bridge Songs TEN.

See (so much) more of Alexis' work, including her paintings and photography, at 

Images provided by Alexis Marie Chute. Top banner images is ENLARGED HEART.



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