Welcome to the Bridge Songs Open Mic

We're sharing the Bridge Songs stage this year - with you!

Bridge Songs began with a small group of singer-songwriters wanting to get their songs out to the community, so an open stage feels like the right way to end.

Musicians, writers, storytellers and entertainers of all skill and kind are invited. We want to give YOU the last word at Bridge Songs TEN. 

After the main performance, our gallery GALA stage will be set for an Open Mic and you are invited to share!

We will have a guitar on hand that you are welcome to use. Let us know if you require anything additional and we'll see what we can do.

This OPEN MIC will be open to all Bridge Songs ticket holders.

Grab your ticket today at http://www.bridgesongs.ca and spread the word!!

Banner image from Lex Aliviado at Unsplash

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