Jennifer Stewart Fueston Relays Visitations

Photo from Jennifer Stewart Fueston's website.

Photo from Jennifer Stewart Fueston's website.

A week from today I will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the Glen Workshop. I will sit in a repurposed college classroom and learn 'Spiritual Writing' with 13 others, searching for ways to pin the beautiful mess of life to the page.

Spiritual writing can be vague and disembodied. Or it can crackle with vibrant resonances. Moments of recognition and revelation. Visitations. 

I met poet Jennifer Stewart Fueston a few years ago at the Glen Workshop and I am glad to call her a friend. I picked up a copy of her poetry chapbook, Visitations, after hearing her read at an open mike and getting a line lodged in my brain.

In Fueston's own words, "The collection is titled Visitations because these poems explore both the experience of visiting other places, as well as the experience of being visited by “the other.”

These summer days, when we might afford appointments with poetry, I encourage you to pick up Fueston's Visitations, which you can order from Finishing Line Press here. You may be lucky enough, like I have been, to sense the intimate embrace of God reaching through the text. You may, like me, want to breathe the words in and then exhale them slowly. You may, like me, find life here. 

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