How to Build A Wall

Walls can both protect and isolate. This work is about protection, withdrawal, and vulnerability. How to Build a Wall uses humour and absurdity to confront real issues of protection, frailty, isolation, failure, and building barriers.

There will be 3 performances: Friday May 17 at 7 PM, Saturday May 18 at 2 PM, and Sunday May 19 at 2 PM.

All performaces will be at Bleeding Heart, and seats will be first-come-first-serve, pay-what-you-can.

Stacey Cann is an Edmonton based artist who uses performance and installation to confront the daily realities of her life. Her performances often use absurdity and humour to explore her experiences of street harassment, working, and social isolation. Stacey has shown her work throughout Canada and the United States.