Taken - A song for truth and reconciliation on National Indigenous Peoples Day

Alana Levandoski is a member of our community with a powerful voice and a gift for songwriting. She's been giving those gifts back to community for a long while now, and this new lyric video and recording is a timely gift for those working towards truth and reconciliation on this, National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Taken is a song about residential schools, based on real stories shared with Alana years ago, and written by Mark Simos and Alana Levandoski. Alana was finally able to record this song with Cree singer-songwriter Phyllis Sinclair last week. They performed it for us at our Reconciliation Songs event this past Saturday, and you can hear it on-site through our Medicine Stories Audio Experience today. 

Please watch, and share.

Find Phyllis Sinclair online at www.phyllissinclair.com

You can support Alana's beautiful work on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/alanalevandoski

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