Kenton Jeske In Conversation (Audio Interview)

Kenton Jeske's Ceremony is open now at the Alberta Craft Council. I had a virtual 'sit down' with Kenton, in the midst of minding children and barking dogs, respectively. His hand-made furniture is beautiful and considered–the product of hundreds of hours of care.  

"The work informs me because of that repetition. I've been in love with the Monastic tradition for a very long time, but I'm also very in love with being a family man and having a wife and children. Sometimes it's been difficult for me to navigation how those two different lifestyles can meld together and I've only recently realized that this is how they meld together. So when I go into the shop and I start picking up the tools and I start refining the movements that I've been doing for a long time–and picking up new ones as I move along–that feels a lot like the daily hours that those monks and nuns that we read about go through, and all of that refines me, refines the work that I'm trying to do and highlights a past and illuminates a future for what I want to do."

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Cover still from the Ceremony video, by Cory Johnn

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