What You Liked Last Week (08.22.2016)

We share a lot on Social Media. Dozens of updates a week jumping through puddles of art, faith, hope and love. With some help from Buffer, a social sharing tool I rely on to tame all of this social media madness, I keep track of what resonates.

Consider this a 'greatest hits' from the last week of the Bleeding Heart Art Space social media-sphere. These are the posts you liked, clicked on and shared most last week, served together in one tasty meal. 

Listen First

good listeners are like trampolines. They are someone you can bounce ideas off of –

Listening well is more difficult than it seems. And far more valuable. This great article from the Harvard Business Review lays out just what it means to become a good listener.


Shared August 15th to our Facebook Page


'All of My Life' by Danielle Knibbe

Here is a beautiful song from Edmonton's Danielle Knibbe, who recently released her new album at The Mercury Room. Just listen to those harmonies!

Shared August 16 to our Twitter feed.


Design Olympics

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoyed this comprehensive review of every Olympic logo EVER, but design legend Milton Glasner. Glasner is famous for designing the iconic "I HEART NY" logo. See if you agree with Glasner's assessments here.


Shared August 19 to our Twitter feed.


Magic Mushrooms at MEOW WOLF

My recent trip to Santa Fe provide many incredible photo-ops. Most of them took place at an art space called MEOW WOLF. This video got a lot of plays on the ol' Instagram this week


You'll be Over the Moon for Over The Rhine

Over The Rhine makes a lot of beautiful music. Let it Fall is one of my favourite OTR songs and it is captured so well in this live performance video.

Shared August 15 on our Twitter feed.


Get Your Poems on the Bus!

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is bringing local poetry to our city's transit system once again. The call for your poetry is open until August 25!


Shared August 19 to our Facebook page.

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