Keith Walker Bends Hot Glass

Today's artist is Edmonton glassblower Keith Walker. 

Walker's new website just launched this week and provides a great showcase for the beautiful work he's been making from his unique backyard studio for the past several years. 

Keith Walker has completed public art commissions for the city and continues to push the limits of his medium, blending other materials like faux fur and even a truck bumper into his recent artworks.

Here's a short video I produced of Walkers recent solo show, Less is More.

What I love most about Keith Walker is that his heart is set solidly in his Parkdale community. Here, he teaches glassblowing workshops through Blow In the Dark Glassworks. For a few hundred bucks, you can try your hand at blowing glass for the weekend and bring home some objects you crafted. You'll also have a lot of fun with Keith.

Discover walker's work at

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