Andrew Myers Paints with Screws

Andrew Myers is an American artist who creates 'paintings' with thousands of screws, inset at various depths, and then handprinted for the final effect.

Myers didn't develop this technique for the blind, but because of his unique portraiture, he was recently able to offer a blind man the first 'look' at a painting of himself. What this touching video of Myers creating this piece, and the subject experiencing it himself for the first time. 


This is a great example of how art takes on a life of its own, beyond the original vision of the artist, as well as the ways art can draw us closer to one another, and help us truly 'see' the other, and see ourselves anew through their eyes.

You can see more about Andrew Myers on his website at and find out more about his gallery representation at

Banner image by Taduuda at Unsplash

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