Jim Visser Shares His Revelations

Jim Visser is a landscape painter with a deep connection to his faith, and to the land. Until 1999, when he began painting full time, Visser was a farmer. In Revelations, his most recent exhibition, an awe-filled faith meets a reverence for the earth we all share.

Here is how Visser describes his current exhibition at Edmonton's Bugera Matheson Gallery. 

These paintings are about seeking moments in the spaces of our land. They are about capturing epiphanous spatial revelations of the prairie landscape. They are my offerings of wonder and an expression of my artistic desire.
Images provided by the artist.

Images provided by the artist.

The Bugera Matheson Gallery show is breathtaking, and it closes tomorrow. So be sure to catch it while you can

You can view more of Jim Visser's work on his website at http://jimvisser.com


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