Wayne White Makes Me Smile

Today's Artist is Wayne White. 

image from WayneWhiteArt.com

image from WayneWhiteArt.com

I first learned about White from Beauty is Embarrassing, the documentary that taught me Wayne White was like the underground bizarro-world Jim Henson, and pretty much endeared me to him forever.

Among (so many) other things, Wayne White led the team bringing the wacky world of Pee Wee's Playhouse to life.

He's an artist that doesn't take himself too seriously, while taking his work very seriously indeed. A rare blend that puts a big smile on my face.

Here's a commercial made by Wayne White for Snapple that shows his off beat sense of humor and handmade aesthetic. "My mission" he says "is to bring humor into fine art". So glad someone has made that their mission.

Here's a trailer for the next movie you need to watch, Beauty is Embarrassing.

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