Five Finger Friday Points to Sheep and Forgotten Places

If your time is not divided between driving out for one last long weekend hurrah and checking out all of the Star Wars merchandise released today, you may just be looking for some good stuff to do right here in Edmonton. If so, look no further. Five Finger Friday is back!


The Leader: Symphony in the City

The ESO is bringing the music of Disney’s Fantasia to Churchill Square, for free, tonight! Complete with big-screen clips from both Fantasia films, Symphony in the City offers us the chance to hear a world class symphony perform in the open air, for free.

Get details online here


The Attitude: River Adventures

I don’t know why, but venturing into the waters of the North Saskatchewan has always seemed a bit off-map and covert to me. Last week, the kids and I discovered a real beach down there. Complete with pristine sand, rock skipping and a ‘river lobster’ or two. 

You can rent vessels like canoes or paddleboards at MEC, then head down the river and keep your eyes open for your own secret beach!

You may also want to go less covert and join the Rock Skipping Championships.


The Faithful: Riley Tenove’s Forgotten Places

What does a sacred space look like? What spaces are set apart for special purposes? What places are poised to present some sense of presence and mystery? 

One reason I’m so looking forward to the show opening at Bleeding Heart Art Space this weekend is because Riley Tenove’s large paintings challenge our notions of places of value. Sacred spaces, even. By paying attention to quiet, forgotten places, Riley Tenove is calling our attention to them, too.

I think that sort of attention is a great spiritual discipline. I’m hoping it awakens my eyes to more forgotten places in my path.

The show opens tomorrow (Saturday) from 11 to 3, with an artist talk at 12 noon at The Bleeding Heart Art Space (9132 118th Ave).

RSVP on Facebook here.


The Outlier: Sheep in the Streets

This one sounds crazy. But crazy awesome. Not really art related, though I feel something this strange has to inspire something. Plus, if you want a chance to photograph sheep in an urban setting, this is that chance.

Head out to Fort Saskatchewan on Monday to grab your picnic spot at 10 AM in Legacy Park. At 11 AM, a historic event begins. According to the Fort Saskatchewan website, "The sheep will make their traditional walk from Legacy Park through downtown and ending up at the Fort Saskatchewan Museum & Historic Site.”

Then, you can hang out with the sheep, talk to the shepherds and enjoy a family picnic. Yep. This is happening.

Get more details on the annual Sheep Leaving Parade here.


The Unsung Hero: Up Your Drawing Game and Join a Yearlong Challenge!

Stephanie Medford, a local creativity powerhouse, is hosting a yearlong drawing challenge through her blog, Everyday Artistry.

If you want to up your drawing game, or just have some fun with a group of people wanting to draw more, this is a great opportunity. There will be themes each month, and drawing projects to take on every week. And you will not be alone.

Find out about it, and sign up, on Stephanie’s website here.

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