Have an #ArtScene13 Weekend with Craft, Cars and Croissants

In our pretty-much—weekly feature, discover artsy things to sink your teeth into this weekend in #YEGarts scene.

ONE: Relax at Mandolin

I can’t count the number of meaningful meetings I’ve had at Mandolin Books. You’ll this cozy bookstore-meets-coffee shop on 112th Ave and 65 street. Or so.

Bridge Songs sparks have been ignited on the patio. I was interviewed about our upcoming Poetry Festival show at the quiet back table. I’ve snagged at least one copy of ‘The Artist’s Way’. I’ve bumped into unexpected friends. I’ve even played some music in the corner.

Watch this CTV story about how close Mandolin came to shutting the doors, and stop in this weekend for a visit in the lovely Highland’s ‘hood.


TWO: Stroll Along Ada

Ada Boulevard lies along the river, just a couple of blocks south from Mandolin Books. Hot tea in hand, new book in your bag, take a stroll and gawk at the historic houses along this reclusive Edmonton boulevard. Don’t forget McGrath Mansion. Bring your journal or sketch book and while away a couple of creative hours. Maybe you’ll even find a garage sale or two? It is spring, after all.

THREE: Experience Life2

This Saturday is your final chance to check out Life2 at The Bleeding Heart Art Space. This special series of photographs features paralees from the Edmonton area, taken by some of Edmonton’s best photographers and curated by Mark Power. Catch Life2 from 11-3 on Saturday April 11.

FOUR: Grab a French Macaron

It’s hard to beat 124th street’s Duchess Bake Shop, but if you want to stroll The Ave while checking out Life2 this weekend, you’ll find a new French Bakery here as well, called Passion De France. Colourful Macarons, espresso, sandwiches and more await you in this well decorated nook just across from the Eastwood Community League. Visit their profile on Yelp here.

FIVE: Catch the Ticking Clock

Christian Marclay’s The Clock really is a sight to behold. Don’t miss this acclaimed film project showing at the AGA for just a few more days. They are ending their run with one last 24 hour screening. And if you wonder how a 24 hour screening could possibly be a fascinating thing to watch, check out more info on their website.

SIX: Stroll the Sculptures of Borden Park

Borden Park has been rejuvenated. It’s not done yet, but there are plenty of sights to see. The snow has (mostly) melted, and the paths are (almost all) clear. I just took a breathtaking walk through yesterday, enjoying the many new sculptures scattered throughout. Why not throw in a picnic?

Here are some photos I captured in the fall.

SEVEN: Gawk at The Art of Exotic Cars

The Edmonton Motor Show is this weekend, and features a full pavilion of ‘exotics’ for the first time. Imagine yourself rolling up to an opening at The Met in your Rolls Royce. And then go get back on the LRT that brung you.

Visit the show this weekend at the EXPO centre, or check out their website here.

EIGHT: Enjoy the MakeIt! Market

Make It! The Handmade Revolution returns to the Enjoy Centre this weekend. Our friend Giselle Denis will have a booth among 140 artist and artisans from round’ these parts and elsewhere in Canada.

Get details here

NINE: Read Good Words for Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, and the Edmonton Poetry Festival is on it’s way (with a special show at the Bleeding Heart Art Space).

Prepare by reading some fresh poetry from a local poet. I’m a little biased, by might I direct your attention to the daily poetry challenge myself and Edward Van Vliet are participating in?

TEN: Explore the Language of Craft

From blown glass to pottery; from textiles to lathe-turned wood, craft is a broad realm of the arts that sometimes gets a bad wrap, placed outside the ‘art world’. The Alberta Craft Council is exploring the language around their artists’ (artisans’?) work with their new show, Language of Craft. If you’ve never been to the Alberta Craft Council, you should check out the wealth of work on display and sale. The opening reception is this Saturday from 2-4 PM. The gallery is found at 10186 106st.

Find out more about the show here.

ELEVEN:Put In an Hour or Two On Your New Artist Website

We’ve been building great new websites for our art, and I’d love for you to come along for the ride. You can do it yourself. All you need is an internet connection and a willingness to dive in. You can follow along with the Website Wednesday series here.

TWELVE: Join Me to Listen to the New ALT Podcast

Interested in Art, Liturgy and Technology? Pretty much sounds like the trifecta that frames my daily life.

I’ll be checking this out sometime this weekend, you can too. Find it on iTunes here or on the official ALT Podcast website here.

Here’s a bit from the producers:

I’m stoked about engaging in the visual worship conversation this way. Our hope is that as you listen & look in on our own stories, you’ll be inspired & challenged to explore deeper & more meaningful expressions of worship & spirituality.

And here’s the proof in the pudding - episode 1 on Soundcloud.

THIRTEEN: Take An Edmonton Adventure

Bleeding Heart Eli Ritz has been sharing his Adventures In Edmonton, and so far he’s collected three great places for you to try. Why not take an Edmonton Adventure this weekend?





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