13 Ways to Feed Your Creative Soul this Easter Weekend (#ArtScene13)

After a couple of weeks off, we’re back on ‘the Scene’ with 13 new directions for you to wander.

It is Easter this weekend, and for a Space devoted to art, faith, hope and love, Easter means a lot. Whether you hold to the Christian story or not, this is a time for new life. Green shoots from dead earth. Spring rain and tulips. Fresh air in stagnant wintered lungs. 

So breathe deeply, enjoy the long weekend, and take a step in any of these 13 directions to do your soul some good.

ONE: Read a new poem by Edward Van Vliet on the strangeness of souls.


making strange


perhaps we might learn 

to use some of the old words.

propitiation. ransom. redemption.


maybe we could rediscover 

what they meant when they said

Lord of Hosts. The Lion & the Lamb.

Bread of Heaven.

we could make things strange.

repopulate our language with new figures.

pelican. peacock. unicorn.

let’s make all the old things new.

it is not too late.


Original is here.


TWO: Read an even newer poem by Edward Van Vliet, on Maundy Thursday

You’ll find this one, and the last, on Edward’s blog. He’s writing a new poem every day for National Poetry Month.

This one is called Maundy Thursday.

THREE: Read a new poem by me called The Question.

I’m writing a new poem each day this month, too, at Edward’s prompting. You can read my latest here–a reflection on Good Friday driven by a question my daughter asked at breakfast.

FOUR: Celebrate the Spring Thaw at the Peter Robertson Gallery

This gallery–one of my faves–will soon be in a new location. But first, a group show bringing the Spring thaw to canvas. Find out about the show and the gallery here

FIVE: Embark on an Ignatian Prayer Exercise via Video

Ignatian Spirituality and YouTube may be a jarring combination, but through this ’new media’ you can experience an ancient spiritual practice–contemplating the depths of Good Friday through prayer and a guided meditation on art.

SIX: Witness Life2

Visit us at The Bleeding Heart Art Space this Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM. You’ll see new life and second chances on every wall, as the space features photographs of parolees in transition, from seven Edmonton photographers. This special show, curated by Mark Power, will be on until April 11. Find us at 9132 118th ave.

SEVEN: Discover Creative Good Friday resources from The Text This Week

I just discovered this treasure trove or resources related to the lectionary text of the week. Currently a painting by Canadian artists Jan Richardson is featured. There is a thorough list of Easter resources, including movies with ties to the themes of the Easter story. Movies you may not think of as Easter films. 

Find all this and more at The Text This Week

EIGHT: Take in ancient liturgy on The Ave at St.Faith’s Anglican

St. Faith’s brings Easter to the Ave in a series of powerful liturgical services and meditations. On Good Friday, they will cover their colourful banners and put out their Christ candle. It is sombre and serious; uncomfortable and moving. It is everything Easter should be. 

Find St.Faith’s at 11725 93rd street and more info online at http://www.stfaithsanglican.org

NINE: Read Holy Saturday, a poem I wrote two Easters ago.

A lot of poetry, I know. But hey, it is Poetry Month, you know.

Find Holy Saturday on our blog here.

TEN: Watch a Miracle

This is the perfect time of year to take in my favourite Easter movie. It doesn’t involve Mel Gibson, but Ralph Fiennes turns in a grand performance. And it’s claymation. In the late 90’s the BBC produced The Miracle Maker, and in my opinion got nearly everything  that matters right

ELEVEN: Hunt for Jesus Christ Superstar on vinyl.

This weekend brings the return of the Dead Vinyl Society’s SUPER MEGA RECORDS GARAGE SALE! If you are looking for a vinyl gem, this is your chance. The sale is at the Kenilworth Community Hall, and you can get details here

TWELVE: Reflect on the theology of Easter with Stephen T. Berg

Dive in to this Edmonton Journal article, written nearly a decade ago now, by Stephen Berg, who I interviewed for our podcast last week.

Stephen gets theological here. 

“What we have then”, he writes, “is a God that acts like us. A God that resorts to sacred violence, or redemptive violence”.

Read Stephen’s challenge to the meaning of Easter here.

THIRTEEN: Pray the Lord’s Prayer, with edits.

About that podcast interview. Stephen Berg ended our time together with an excellent reading of his poem, the Lord’s Prayer, with Edits. If you haven’t heard that yet, there’s no time like Easter weekend.


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