You Won't Hear From Me Today Unless ...

I’ve been posting a blog every day for the last couple of weeks, and it’s been a great discipline. I’ve become a better writer from the practice already. If not better in quality, then at least better in speed and productivity. Yesterday I submitted my monthly article for the Rat Creek Press (a piece on wild and wonderful community that comes out next week) and it took just half the time it used to. Maybe less.

But blogging so much can also distract from other duties, and Thursdays I have some other important writing to do.

Every Thursday I write our weekly newsletter, From the Heart.

If you don’t receive From the Heart already, please do sign up. It will become an increasingly important place to keep your finger on the Bleeding Heart pulse, and we have many exciting opportunities to get involved in art, faith and community just around the riverbend.

Like today. Today I’m going to invite you to share your art and writing with the city. And I’m going to invite you to a be part of our next show, starting next Saturday. 

So I will be writing more today. Just not here. And I’d love for you to read it.

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