Take the Learn Your Art Challenge and Teach Me

A year from now, we're holding a little conference. We're going to bring in the most fantastic speaker. You

You're going to teach me something you don't know much about today. We're not bringing you in because you're an expert. We're bringing you in because you'll be shining with the radiance of fresh discovery. 

Teaching somebody else is the best way to integrate what you've learned. And you are about to learn something.

Last year, we embarked on the Grow Your Art Challenge, and are about to celebrate the results together. This year, I'm tweaking things. 

Last year, the goal was make something. 

This year, the goal is to learn something. 

You may need to try and make something in the process, but this time, failure won't detract from the goal one bit. More than likely, failure will get you there.

Here is our 2015 art challenge ... 

Learn one skill that will further your art.

Maybe you've always wanted to paint with oils. Learn how. Maybe you want to learn how the manual settings on your camera work. Learn. Perhaps you'd like to know how to put together a proper portfolio. Or apply to a gallery. Or master a song. Or produce a podcast. Or build your website. Or use encaustic. Or memorize a monologue. Or submit articles for publication.  

If you're having trouble choosing what to learn this year, here are a few tips.

  1. Pick what scares you. Make it a real challenge. You've got a whole year.  This is your time to scale that mountain.
  2. Pick something doable. Avoid the near impossible and stick with something you can pursue within the means or your time and money. Or, perhaps just outside of those means. The mountain should be big, but no need to start with Everest.
  3. Pick something measurable. If you want to learn about light, that may be too vague to mark your success. If you want to learn how to use light to alter the colours in a photograph – that we can track.


Like last year, sign up by commenting on this post. Write a comment below stating what you will learn to do this year. 

Each month I'll create space here on the blog for follow up and we will publicly share our progress. How have we moved towards learning this new skill or concept this month? Where are we stuck? How can the community help us?

How This Ends: The Learn Your Art Conference

At the end of this year, you will lead a 25 minute session with all who take this challenge. 15 minutes to teach us what you've learned and 10 minutes for questions. The format and details of this event will depend on how many people join this challenge.

So, the conference will be unique, local and multi-disciplinary. Full of passion and naivite. Rife with cross-pollination and creative sparks. 

You in? Name and goal below please. 

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