Send Your Perfict Song by January 31


Send A Perfict Song by January 31


You. Yes you. I know what you do. I know who you are. I know that you stay up late into the night wrestling a melody into submission. I know that you scour the globe for the perfect rhyme. I know that stories haunt your waking hours like dreams. I know you carry a notebook and hum into your phone. I know what you are, so there is no point hiding behind that day job. You, my friend, are a songwriter.


You write songs, so hear this now. You have been granted an extension–an extra couple of weeks to get your song submission into Bridge Songs: Perfict. You now have until midnight on Saturday, January 31 to send your ‘perfict’ song to You’ll find the updated Call for Submissions right here.


I want to hear your struggles toward perfection set to music. I want to hear your imperfect rhymes. I want to hear about your perfect romance. That perfect sunrise. The almost perfect summer that fell apart. I want to hear stories I can sing to. Songs I can’t get out of my head. I want you to get it exactly right and then screw it up on purpose.  


Submitted songs will be heard by a jury. If yours is chosen, we will record it together. You will meet new songwriters–strange folks just like you and I who have to pull over and hit record before we lose the tune. We will record an album together and release it on June 18 at Bridge Songs: Perfict, when we will perform these songs together. You’ll make new musical friends. 


We’ll have a great time making music together. But only if you send me that email. 


You have until the end January to craft your ‘perfict’ song.


I cannot wait to hear it.


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