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Friday Finds: Embracing Critics, Making Plans and Doing Nothing

Welcome to a brand new feature on The Bleeding Heart Art Space Blog. The goal? To curate a weekly collection of links about art, faith, hope and love. Each week I come across many ‘goodies’ and events that I’d love to share, but have had no proper venue for doing so. Consider this ‘grab bag’ approach a way of getting it all out there - taking the best and brightest and sharing it with you.

I hope you enjoy!

Embracing Your Critics: A Video That Will Inspire You to Tears from Brené Brown

Brené Brown is someone who studies love, vulnerability and community. She studies them. Scientifically. Her findings seem to lead us closer to the life we are invited to in Christ’s Kingdom, methinks.

This video is not a short watch, but it is worth every moment. I teared up. I got inspired. I wanted to put myself out there and risk my heart.

I discovered this video thanks to the fine folks at 99u.com, whose email newsletter comes highly recommended.

You can also find more videos from Brene Brown on The Work Of The People here (thanks to Nova on Facebook for the tip).

CS Lewis Thinks the Hobbit “May Well Prove a Classic”

I’m sure this is not news, but the second instalment of The Hobbit film comes out today. To celebrate, here is a reprint of a review the CS Lewis did of Tolkien’s book when it first came out. Thanks to Jordan Majeau for tipping me onto this one.


Weekend Plans: Yule Ave

Yule Ave a Blast Dec 13 at 8:15Yule Ave is a remarkable weekend of Christmas cheer on Alberta Ave. It’s free, and focussed on breaking through the commercial clutter of Christmas. Things kick off tonight with carolling at The Carrot, and a Christmas variety show called Yule Ave: A Blast, which The Bleeding Heart gets to be part of. We cannot wait, and we hope you’ll join us.

All the details can be found on the Yule Ave website at http://www.yuleave.ca.

SIDE NOTE: The Yule Ave website was built and is hosted by The Bleeding Heart Art Space as part of our sponsorship of this great event!

Summer Plans: Join Me at The Glen Workshop for Some Transformation

New Mexico landscapeSometimes when you hit that ‘buy now’ button your heart just flutters with giddy glee. This week I felt that excitement as I registered for The Glen Workshop West in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Glen just recently announced their 2014 dates and plans and opened up for registrations.

I am especially excited for two reasons. First, this year marks Image Journal’s 25th Anniversary, and there are some surprises in store. Second, I’ll be taking songwriting for a week with Over The Rhine.

The Glen Workshop is a rare hybrid of arts conference, festival and workshop. The faculty are excellent and the time spent in community with creative Christ followers is second to none. For a glorious week, you are in the abundant centre, rather than on the thin margins. Food, lodging and all conference activities are included. It is SO worth it.

I think getting on that plane with me and heading down to Santa Fe for a week of art and faith is likely the best thing you could do this summer. But I may be biased.

Anyone care to join me?


Or Maybe You Should Just Do Nothing

James Altucher’s post on when we’d be better off to 'do nothing’ is a breath of fresh air amidst  productivity pollution. Heading towards New Year’s resolutions, you may feel the pressure to do more and to be more. Before you make those lists, stop and read this.

Altucher’s post promises 5 Ways To Do Nothing And Become More Productive, but to me it’s more an invitation to let go of the need to prove yourself constantly. To simply be.


To me, that sounds an awful lot like Paul's words here,

"The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what he does for us, not by what we are and what we do for him.” - Romans 12:3b, The Message

A good encouragement, and perhaps the best last words, as we head into the hectic holidays.

Let us know if any of these finds are meaningful for you in the comments below.

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Yule Ave a Blast!: Join Us on the Ave This Christmas

Working on Alberta Avenue with The Bleeding Heart Art Space I get to meet a lot of great people. I get to meet artists and people in love with their community and people with big dreams. Many of those people are making their dreams a reality. It’s an inspiring neighbourhood. Last year I got to meet Frank Zotter, an actor and Alberta Avenue enthusiast. I was introduced to Frank by Christy Morin, Executive Director of Arts On The Ave. Christy knew about a big, crazy dream Frank had (just one of many) and thought that The Bleeding Heart Art Space might want to get involved. As I listened to Frank’s dream, I knew she was right.

Frank loves Christmas. Frank wants to see the community come together for a Christmas that runs deeper than consumerism. An old fashioned, carolling door-to-door, hot apple-cider kind of Christmas that money cannot buy. Last year, for the first time, Frank pulled together a celebration called Yule Ave. Yule Ave is a little Christmas festival, and it culminates in an evening ‘Revue’ called ‘Yule Ave: A Blast!’.

Yule Ave 2013 Poster - 11x17This event looks at Christmas from all angles, spanning many holiday traditions. The Yule Ave: A Blast! Revue can range from deeply touching to hilariously irreverent. But Frank recognizes the wonder of the Christmas story, and he asked The Bleeding Heart to bring that story to the Revue last year. Through songs and spoken word, we got to shine a light on the Nativity story. It was a magical night.

This year The Bleeding Heart Art Space, and by extension the Urban Bridge Church community, has the opportunity to bring art, faith, hope and love to Yule Ave once again. We will fill fifteen minutes of the Yule Ave: A Blast! Revue with spoken word, an original song and a classic carol, all focussed on seeking out the Christmas star. My hope is that the Life Light will shine a little through our art. Myself, Andy Mulcair, Brook Biggin, Kristin Kajorinne, Eli Ritz and Jennifer Wilde will provide the music. We hope you will join us that evening.

The Yule Ave: A Blast! Revue begins Friday night, December 13 at 8:15 PM at The Alberta Avenue Community League (9210 118th Ave), and will be jam packed with music, theatre, poetry, laughs and warmth. There’s even free chili.

It might just be the most special evening you have this Christmas.

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You have something to say–why not say it here? Email your blog post idea to dave@bleedingheartart.space and let's chat.