You Are What You Plant (A Tale of Swings and Tires)

You Are What You Plant (A Tale of Swings and Tires)

My wife and I found it a few weeks back. We thought then may be the last time the weather would allow this adventure. Now, into October, the sun has warmed the air to a summery gold. We swing into and out of the evening.

Some anonymous contributor built the swing. Now, without them, it offers up a valley full of thanksgiving. The leaves shine bright yellow and the sun throws a glowing streak across the river. The river holds the trees upside down, rippled by the wind. We soak it all in from our man-made perch, as close as we may come to the effortless gratitude of Carl the bounding dog.

It is notable that none of this cost us a penny.

You are what you plant.

After a few moments on the swing, my daughter and I venture further. We return to the forking path and take a right this time. What we find in this direction is entirely different.

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