Beneath the Surface: The Art of Tattoos

Beneath the Surface: The Art of Tattoos

Tattoos are a personal form of art, often containing meanings that go deep beneath the surface.

My story starts at the young age of sixteen, when I got the first of what would eventually be four tattoos. I had known by around the age of twelve that I wanted a tattoo one day, maybe because of seeing my father’s forearm tattoo daily, my love of art, or the beauty in the ink. Whatever the influence or reason, I knew that I wanted one, which led to getting four before my nineteenth birthday. The reasons behind my tattoo choices ranged from wanting a daily reminder of ‘balance’, to a tribute for the passing of a dear friend.

Everyone has their own reasons for deciding to get inked, and sometimes, as we grow and change with time, our reasons can shift as well.

This leads me to my current tattoo journey – getting them removed.

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