Where Do You Create? (#ArtsTalkTuesday)

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Some artists get to work at their craft, full time, in a dedicated studio space. A massive old barn. A converted garage. A loft downtown. Others of us, well, we make do.

Just last night I seized a 45 minute family absence to write a song in my living room. I did a rough recording on my iPad, because I have no permanent recording space set up at home. Or anywhere. I make space where I can find it. Writing is the same. This post is taking shape at my kitchen table. I'd be reclining on the couch but feel it's bad for my posture (and perhaps my work ethic).

As we look to launch our new space, we're hoping for some creative co-working spaces in the back. Likely four stations where you can bring a laptop, sit in community and work away, far from the distractions of the floor that needs to be vacuumed and kids that need to be entertained. This has got me thinking a lot about the spaces where we work. The spaces where we make. The ways those spaces affect our work.

I've even read about someone who covered a van into a mobile workspace!

So, where do you work? Where do you get your creative projects done? Are you happy with that space?

Please answer in the comments below, or on social media with the hashtag #artsTalkTuesday. 


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