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ArtScene13: Milestones and Motion

This week we’ve got milestones and motion. Significant calendar dates and a flurry of online videos dominate this #ArtScene13 list. So get your day-timer out and turn your speakers up to discover what’s up this week in the spaces where #yegarts and faith collide. 

ONE: Adobe Photoshop turns 25 this year.

Happy Birthday to the magic wand!

Show postcard from The Nina Haggerty website.

Show postcard from The Nina Haggerty website.

TWO: The Nina Haggerty Centre Turns 12 with Confusement.

The Nina Haggerty Centre is a unique gift to our city and the Alberta Avenue community. They provide opportunities for those with developmental disabilities to make art. Celebrate their 12 year anniversary with artist Scott Berry’s sculptural installation Confusement. Berry has been recognized as Stantec’s Artist of the Year. View Confusement at Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts until February 27







THREE: On 118 Ave, the arts are bringing New Beginnings for everyone.

And they are bringing change. Just watch this new video and see for yourself.

OUR: The Women are here. 

The Women is a collection of black and white photographs of Edmonton women organized by Julie Rohr (sister of Marcie Rohr whose work currently hangs at The Bleeding Heart). More than an art show, The Women is a movement in support of women who have been sexually exploited or trafficked, both here and internationally. Women have paid $50 for a potrait to stand in solidarity with exploited women we may not see. All funds raised through the project are split between CEASE (local) and IJM (international). The March 8 event at the AGA, held on International Women’s Day, is now sold out, but donations can still be made to support the project at   

FIVE: Walk with me for the homeless this Saturday.

Speaking of social good, consider joining us this weekend to walk for the homeless with the Coldest Night of the Year. The walk benefits Hope Mission here in Edmonton. For the first time, The Bleeding Heart has an official team, and if you cannot walk, you can stil give

SIX: David Hockney Collage

Scrabble Anyone else play games inside when it’s cold outside? Austin Kleon wants us to see David Hockney’s awesome Scrabble Game collage

SEVEN: ArtLuck in the Month of Luck

Another great indoor activity? ArtLuck! Join us at The Bleeding Heart Art Space to share food, friends and art on Thursday, March 5 at 7. 

EIGHT: Installation Art Workshop

How about learning to transform a space? Harcourt House is offering a workshop on Installation Art with Artist in Residence Ali Nickerson. I wish I could take this in, because it sounds awesome.

NINE: Sufjan Song

Sufjan Stevens has release his new single, No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross. It’s beautiful, but perhaps NSFW (f-bomb ahead).  

TEN: NextFest Call for Sound

NextFest is looking for audio work (music and otherwise) for its NuMusic component. The Call for Submissions is up and you have until May 1. Sadly, I have realized that I am now too old to submit to NextFest. Ouch. Don’t be like me. Don’t miss your chance! 

ELEVEN: Black History Month on The Ave

February is Black History Month, and Arts On The Ave is celelbrating with Rythms of the Earth, a series of arts events, workshops, great food and more. You can still catch an African dance workshop, a Poetry Slam, an Open Mic poetry night and the Adjè  Performers (West African drumming and dance) - all before the month is out

TWELVE: Create Silence for Lent

On important times of the year, I’ve been reflecting on the season of Lent, fasting and what this all means for artists.

THIRTEEN: Ash Wednesday's Sad Clown

According to Loyolla PressLent might involve a painting of a sad clown. Take a few moments for this art-focussed Lenten reflection.

Remember to send me your art and arts happenings. Simply email or post on Twitter or Facebook with #ArtScene13 and I will do my best to get you on the list next week. 

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