Get Arty This Weekend with #ArtScene13

The snow can do what it wants, but spring is indeed here. We’ve got Mother’s Day, markets and some brand new galleries to check out, so let’s get artin’.

Here are 13 bits and bites to keep you arty this fine weekend. It’s another #ArtScene13!

  1. Edmonton poet Stephen Berg wants you to know that he writes best in burgundy underwear.
  2. Speaking of Edmonton poets, the Arts Council is seeking nomination’s for our sixth Poet Laureatte.
  3. One of my favourite galleries, the Peter Roberston Gallery, has a new home on 124th street. Check it out and take in the bright, bold canvasses of Steve Driscoll’s ‘Actually, Everything is Just About the Same”.
  4. So does one of my other favourite galleries. The Front Gallery is launching it’s new 124th street space with works from painter Blake Ward and sculptor Jeff Sylvester.
  5. Before you leave 124th, check out these colourful explorations by Blu Smith at the Daffodil Gallery.
  6. Why not make it a gallery day tomorrow, and visit the great spots of 118th Avenue too? The Nina’s Stollery Gallery is open from 1-3 PM.
  7. Take your mom to The Carrot on Friday or Saturday and experience visual art and storytelling with Rebecca and Mary Ann Lippiat’s Mother Love.
  8. The Bleeding Heart Art Space is showing fantastic poetry along with some of the best linocuts I’ve ever seen. A great Mother’s Day gift, perhaps?
  9. A good friend of ours, Artist Marcie Rohr, is praying for Nepal in pictures. Join her, and get ready for the culination of her 40 day project on June 4. See the image below.
  10. Want a great website for your art? I’m leading a workshop for that next week with space for 6.
  11. Spend some quiet time with a pencil this weekend. Be like Le Corbusier.

    "I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies."

    Le Corbusier

  12. Those aren’t just treehouses in Churchill Square–they are houses in the trees. So head downtown and look up.
  13. Dead Venues premiers tonight at Metro Cinema as part of the Global Visions film festival. Take a walk with the ghosts haunting the YEGArts memory lane.

So much to do, so little time. Have fun, get arty, and don’t forget yo’ mamma.

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