Adventures in Edmonton: the Quest for Candy at Be-a-Bella

Sometime last week, my wife and I were walking to Mandolin Books and we happened upon a new shop in the Highlands neighbourhood called Be-a-Bella. A sign read “120 different kinds of candy” or some such, and I said “let’s just have a quick look.” Being budget conscious, we both agreed we would take a peek inside, but would need to make purchases another day. We left, pockets stuffed with bonbons, and $20 dollars poorer.

Have you tried the World’s Greatest Gummy Bears? I have, and they’re delicious. When’s the last time you had Dr. Pepper chewing gum? How about that giant-sized, Neapolitan, old-fashioned, taffy rectangle you used to spend your allowance on? It’s all there.

Be-a-Bella is not just a candy shop. They have a selection of Canadian and international art pieces, and all kinds of other toys and knick-knacks curated for the curious.

Our quest for coffee became a quest for candy (we got coffee later), but isn’t that what adventures are all about? Little surprises around every corner.

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