Two Ways to Save on Small, Slow and Beautiful!

Join our first ever retreat, while saving some cash!

Did you miss our early bird deadline, but still want to take in this first-ever arts and faith retreat from Bleeding Heart at a reduced rate?

Maybe you're not into poetry, drawing or painting, but would love to spend a long weekend in creative community, work on your own stuff and take int the beauty created by others?

We've introduced two new options to accommodate as many attendees as possible at Small, Slow and Beautiful.

Option 1: Retreat for $525

The most affordable way to join us at Small, Slow & Beautiful, the new Retreat option gets you access to all group events, lodging and meals, with a full 9 hours to yourself throughout the weekend. Take a walk along the elbow river. Get inspired in one of Calgary's nearby urban districts. Take in a labyrinth or spend time in the FCJ Centre chapel. Or use one of the many quiet indoor or outdoor spaces to work on your writing, your music, your watercolours. Or simply chill and take time to be renewed. 

Option 2: Come as a Pair and Save $200 Total

Want to attend with a friend? Want to bring your painting group? Have some poet friends? Come as a pair, or even a group, and each of you will save $100. Simply register with the group option online for $550 rather than the regular $650, and we'll be in touch to be sure your friends have signed up, too!

I Hope This Helps, Because You Should Be Here

I've experienced first-hand how times like Small, Slow & Beautiful can change lives. Honestly. You will meet people kindred spirits here who will bring an incredible sense of 'home'. You'll be 'among your tribe' - a place where you can be fully you, an artist and a person of faith, without having exaggerate or diminish either part of yourself. There's a beautiful freedom in that, trust me.

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