How to get your art into Open Walls

How to Get your art into Open Walls

Open Walls started as a question two years ago - what will happen if we give you our walls to display whatever work you are passionate about?

We received dozens of works from dozens of artists across our city. We’ve made friends and gained supporters and volunteers because of Open Walls. Many of you have made connections and even some money.

Open Walls 3 starts this Saturday, and I encourage you to show a piece of work. It has to be ready to hang, and it has to be something most families would feel comfortable viewing together (we often have kids at this show), but otherwise, anything goes. One piece for every artist who wants to submit one. 

Here’s how you can show work in our gallery from November 25 to December 16;

  1. Download, print and fill out the submission form here
  2. Make sure your work is ready to hang (if it is work for the wall).
  3. Bring your work along with a completed form to the Bleeding Heart Art Space on Wednesday from 6-8 PM or Thursday from 6-8 PM this week.

That’s it. 

We will hang work this Friday and host an opening reception this Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM. I invite you to attend the reception and watch how people interact with your work, say hello and answer questions about it if they have any. You’ll meet a lot of great creatives at this reception.

Once it’s all over on December 16, you’ll come and pick up your work between 3 and 4 PM (unless it has sold).

Still Have Questions? 

We’d love to answer those for you - email Artistic Director Pam Baergen at

Here are some common questions and answers.

Can I sell my work?

Yes, you can. Bleeding Heart Art Space takes a 25% commision on all sales and will handle those sales on your behalf. Accounts will be settled the week following the closing of the show. Pricing is entirely up to you.

Do you take sculptures?

Yes, we do. We’ll take any type of work you can fit through our door. In the past we have had just about every kind of work you could hang on a wall, as well as video work, crochet, carvings and sculpture.

Is my work insured?

Our space is insured, but you’ll need to obtain your own art insurance for the value of your piece if you want it insured during the show. 

Can children submit work?

They can, and every year so far they have. 

Can I submit work outside of the drop-off times?

Yes. Open Walls is a rolling-submission show, which means we will take work throughout the run of the show, when we are open. The later you submit, the less chance of getting a ‘prime’ spot on the wall, and the less amount of time people have to see it, so the sooner the better. 

Do I get my work back?

Yes. You own your work and all rights to it. You are simply lending us the work to display, and rights to display images of your work in promotion for the show. Unless the work sells, you get it back on December 16. 

Do I have to sell my work?

No. You are welcome to submit work without selling work.

Can I help hang the show or volunteer to run the show?

Yes. You can volunteer a shift during the show online here, or just reply to this email to help out with the install on Friday. 

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