New Extended Weekday Hours at Bleeding Heart

Starting this week, Bleeding Heart Art Space is open 6 more hours than we have been for the past year or so.

In addition to our Saturdays 11-3 hours, we are now open from 1-3 PM on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

It’s a small window, I (Dave) have committed to work from the space on these afternoons, so that people have some more opportunities to enjoy the great work we have on display. 

As Arts Chaplain for the Bleeding Heart, I also want to be more accessible. So if you need to chat, feel free to drop by during those hours too. I’ll be happy to drop what I’m doing and lend an ear.  

These extra hours are already paying off. Yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful visit with some lovely people – an artist and a mathematician –who’ve just moved back to the city. They came in to shop our Drawer Store, and left with a lovely Carly Greene print.

We’ve just got some wonderful stickers in, decked out with a bleeding heart, and you can grab one for free on your next visit. 

I’ll be there this very afternoon. 1-3. Perhaps I’ll see you then.

PS. We are not open this Saturday, as we are between shows while Hilary Mussell installs her awesome new collection, Wild Folk.


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