The Difference You Make in Two Hours

You will spend two hours twelve times today. Four times, if you're lucky, you will be asleep. Another four you'll be at work. Maybe another two hours hold you in a slow-moving car. Two hours can be easily whiled away watching a movie. Running errands. Cooking and eating.

You choose the way you spend your hours. What if you chose to give them to someone else?

This is the part where I tell you how important it is to volunteer, and how you can give that time right here at Bleeding Heart Art Space.

I'm telling you this because we need you. We don't have paid staff (which enables us to stay open.) That means that every Saturday we need four people to give two hours.

Time is the most valuable resource we have and I don't take that for granted. Your two hours will be well spent.

In two hours, as a gallery host at Bleeding Heart Art Space, you can feed your soul with a deep dive into our current show. You can take the time to pay close attention. To listen to art.

In two hours, you can introduce a guest to a new Space and a new artist. You will be helping local artist build a fan base that will carry their careers into the future. You may even help sell a work.

In two hours, you can get to know your fellow host. We pair hosts for each shift, and Bleeding Heart volunteers are some of the most interesting, creative and compassionate people you will meet.

In two hours, you can peruse the Bleeding Heart library to find the perfect book to borrow. We've got some of the best books on arts and faith you'll find, as well as books by and about local artists.

In two hours, you can open the drawers of our growing Bleeding Heart Art Shop and see what you find. There are prints and photos and cd's in there so far. Maybe you'll be inspired to sell some work yourself?

You can pick the two hours that work best for you, right here -

We use to manage our volunteer shifts because it makes things a whole lot simpler for us and for you. You can pick your own shift and get reminded when it is coming up – all you need is an email address.

With so many ways to spend two hours this Saturday, why not give some time to bringing more art, faith, hope and love to our neighbourhood and our city?

'Saturdays Don't Work for Me'

If those two hours don't fit your schedule, but you'd like to help keep the Bleeding Heart beating, email and let me know. We can chat and find a way to connect your gifts to the needs of our community. We need help with admin, with cleaning, with social media, with blogging, with hanging shows and more!

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