Found Wanting: An Installation by Betty Spackman

Image from  Found Wanting

Image from Found Wanting

I first heard about Found Wanting over a year ago. I've been wanting to visit the exhibit ever since. 

Thanks to a connection with Kings University, I get to see the exhibit tomorrow night. You, of course, can join me to experience this unique and painstaking exploration of 'Grief and Gratitude'. This massive undertaking from Betty Spackman also addresses our relationships to the animals we consume and share our planet with.

This incarnation of Found Wanting opens Wednesday, September 23 from 7-9, with the artist in attendance, refreshments, and music composed for the exhibit by Jeanine Noyes.

From the Kings University website, 

The show contains hundreds of found and donated animal bones, most collected in Alberta.  Over a five-year period they were collected, cleaned and prepared for exhibition. The care of these bones was in fact the essence of the artwork, which meant to honour each fragment, and recognize, among other things, that in our relationship to animals, there is never a feast without a sacrifice. An introduction to the exhibition can be viewed at

Watch this short introduction, and you'll see why this is a show not to be missed.

I'll be there, and I'd love to say hello. I'm sure Betty Spackman would love to meet you, too.

There is also a special invite-only event Friday night, and if you join me tomorrow, you'll find out all about it.

Get all the details on the show, run dates and the Kings arts department at

Purchase Betty Spackman's book, A Profound Weakness: Christians and Kitsch, here.

Then, join me tomorrow night. We could even carpool. Trust me, if you are not there, you'll hear about this later and wonder 'how did I miss that'?!

(Thanks to ArtLucker Daniel Van Heyst for the tip on this one)

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