Five Finger Friday Points to Kaleido

Each Friday I point you in five directions - all leading towards art, faith, hope and love. 

This weekend is special. All five fingers are in full force to local arts experiences in our fair city, on a weekend of fabulous sunshine. 

The Leader: Kaleido Family Arts Festival


I’ve been to events all around the world and I can honestly say nothing is quite like Kaleido. Last year, I travelled to Germany for Octoberfest. I travelled to Paris. I travelled to Berlin. I saw amazing things in each place, but never so much creativity assembled in such a concentrated space as you will encounter on Alberta Avenue this weekend.

12 by 12 installation

Kaleido has many somethings for everybody. You can make paper with Bleeding Heart friends Julie and Sam Drew. You can watch whooping cranes grow up through the magical puppetry of Green Fools theatre. You can catch a rock show from Hollerade or Zerbin. You can watch people dance on a wall. You can visit Adam Tenove’s Forgotten Places in our very own Bleeding Heart Art Space (which I got to speak with Bridget Ryan about on Dinner Television last night).

There will be a lantern parade. There will be fireworks. There will be an outdoor showing of Inside Out. There will be 200 (or more?) performances sprawling across rooftops, cramming into back alleys and even into at least one Avenue home. 

Oh, and it’s all on offer by donation(!) 

OK, enough already. If you’ve been, you don’t need convincing. If you’ve never been, I beg of you to make your way down. 

Friday night kicks of at 6 PM. Saturday’s festivities run from 11 AM onwards. Sunday lasts from noon to 6 PM. I’ll see you there.

Get more information on Kaleido at

The Attitude: YEGFest

If one arts festival is not enough for you this weekend - how about another? YEGFest is put on by the Creative Clubhouse, and presents local art with a decidedly Urban flavour. 

In their own words, "YEGfest is a celebration of the local music, visual arts, and a variety of other performance arts. Featuring primarily local artists, YEGfest aims to connect create communities within the city.” If that sounds a bit fuzzy to you, YEGFest is distinct in that "YEGfest is the only festival in the [Hawrelak Park] amphitheatre that hosts hip-hop and electronic sets while also providing indie, alternative, and experimental performances."

There is a free wall for street art, and my short chat with the organizers during the Whyte Ave ArtWalk this summer got me pretty excited to have this in our city.

YEGFest runs today and tomorrow (Sept 11 & 12) at Hawrelak Park. Get details at

The Faithful: Eric Dozier Gospel Brunch at Kaleido

Renowned Gospel singer, choir director and educator Eric Dozier takes to the Kaleido stage with a fresh choir of voices Sunday morning. Join Eric and those who’ve taken his workshop over the weekend to celebrate Sunday morning sunshine with soul-stirring Gospel sounds. And Bunch.

Here’s how Eric Dozier describes Eric Dozier. 

I am a gospel music educator, cultural activist, musician, and father. I am committed to assisting communities in developing creative, transformative platforms from which to launch dynamic acts of service to humanity by exploring the confluence of music, community, education and activism.

I like what I hear.

Get the full Kaleido main stage schedule here

Find out more about Eric Dozier on his website,


The Outlier: Strathearn Art Walk

If two arts festivals aren’t enough for you, how about a third?

The Strathearn Art Walk is also this weekend, taking place Saturday, September 12 in the beautiful Strathearn community. With an art show and sale from 1-7, and a beer garden from 1-9, this is a great way to enjoy a sunny weekend, especially for those who may want to dodge the Kaleido crowds in the tens of thousands, while still checking out great local art, poetry and music.

Over 100 artist. Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate. Coffee from Nomad Espresso. Pulled pork. A beautiful river valley location. 

Get all the info you need on the Stathearn Art Walk website.

The Unsung Hero: Karla Adolphe + Von Bieker = Wowsa

As awkward as self promotion may be, I’ve been invited to sit in with Karla Adolphe at The Carrot for two performances this evening.

Karla is the hero here, and she is most definitely not ‘unsung’. But since I’m involved in this one, I am mustering up all the false humility I have and putting us both in the ‘last but not least’ category.

Karla has been working on new material for Magnoliaa new solo project produced by Aaron Strumpel. I’m certain you’ll get to hear some of that tonight. As for what else may happen, I’m not the least bit certain. Except that it’s going to be good.

Hear Karla’s new song HOME on Soundcloud here. Just try not to tap your feet and bob your head, I dare ya.

See you at the Carrot (9351 118th Ave) at 8 and 9 tonight?

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