Five Finger Friday for July 17

Five Fingers pointing you in five directions for art, faith, hope and love in the days ahead!

Each finger has a role to play. Here is your guide.

The Leader: Alberta Avenue Pop Up Markets

This weekend, head down to Alberta Avenue for a host of great events. You’ll catch the first Arts Sidewalk Sale at The Carrot on 94th street. Before you leave there, be sure to check if Glen Ronald is at work in The Studio just around the corner (big red building).

Next, head east for the Nina Haggerty gallery, just after 92nd street. Just a block east of there, visit Darrell and Cheryl, our gallery hosts for Robert Harpin’s Battle of Barking Creek in the Bleeding Heart Art Space Gallery, on 91st street. Just look for the big bleeding heart in the window.

Finally keep going east a few blocks until you hit Rising Up!, a pop-up market featuring businesses along Alberta Avenue.

If you’re hungry along the way, you’ll find Portuguese custard tarts (and now soft serve ice-cream at the Popular Bakery as well!), papusas (SO good) at Paraiso Tropical, French baking at Passion de France, great Pho and more.

Get the info on the Pop Up Market and Street Sale on Facebook here.

The Attitude: Slide the City

A giant slip and slide? Yep. For adults too? Indeed.

Looks like slide passes have already sold out for this crazy event, but I think it’s still worth a trip down to watch the fun. Who knows if something like this will ever happen here again?

Find out more about where and when this happens at

The Faithful: No Better Place to End than Image

It’s rainy. It’s dreary. Finally you can brew some tea and curl up with the latest issue of Image. This issue explores the intersection of faith and science; evolution and the Imago Dei. So far I’ve read the opening essay Brian Volck and it is beautiful. Brian is both a physician and a poet, so his beautiful language meets his scientific background in these few rich pages.

The piece attempts to bridge the perceived chasm between ‘faith and the sciences’ through the transcendant power of the arts. To my mind, it succeeds, with passages like this;

God is a great artist who, trusting the materials, lets them find their internal logic rather than impose rigid order from the beginning. (Brian Volck, Image no. 85)

That right there, that’s some beautiful music that evolution and creation just might be able to dance to.

You can read No Better Place to End online here.

The Outlier: Badlands Passion Play

This weekend (and next) you can catch the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard only good things about this long-running production near Drumheller, Alberta (so yeah, this is literally an outlier). If you’re looking to get away without breaking the bank, head a few hours south and check out the story of Jesus Christ performed in the downright Biblical setting of our very own Badlands.

And hey–you can stop to see the dinos at the Royal Tyrel Museum when you are there. This would be a wonderful experience to accompany your perusal through the faith/science world of this month’s Image!

Get your tickets online at

The Unsung Hero

Chef’s Table. If you haven’t watched this Netflix documentary series yet, you need to. Right now. Especially if you are stuck on what to make for supper.

Each hour-long episode of Chef’s Table introduces us to a new chef from around the world, cooking in a totally different style. The focus throughout is on the stories of each chef; their creative process and how their background impacts that. Near the end, dishes are displayed with stunning cinematography, putting the high point of each episode on teh art created–the food.

If you need to chill out for a bit, but want to leave feeling inspired, whether you cook or not, I cannot recommend this series highly enough.

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