Website Wednesday Hopes You Will Ask

We're several weeks in to Website Wednesday and writing this series has brought something to my attention. Most artists want a website, and most artists feel like they don't have what it takes to make one. 

That is wrong. I feel like I don't have what it takes to do half of what life asks of me, but thankfully I'm usually wrong too. 

This doesn't mean making a website is easy, though. If I've made it sound that way so far, I apologize. Because anything of value takes effort. Nearly nothing great is easy. And when things get hard, you often need to call for backup.

Can I be your backup?

Some of you have asked questions during our series already, but many of you haven't. Today, I want to open the floor for questions.

I want you to ask me anything about building a website for your art. It can be related to working with Squarespace, the tool we are exploring throughout this series. It doesn't have to be. Really, anything that has to do with an artist website. 

Ask anything. There are no stupid questions. If you find one, ask it anyway. I want you to know something. The internet doesn't make sense. It doesn't behave the way it should. It doesn't speak our language. And it's not a person, its a thing. So you don't have to feel back about not understanding it. If you don't know what URL stands for and you have no idea what a Secure Certificate is, blame computers, not yourself. And then ask me.

Here is my promise to you. If I don't know, I'm going to try and find out.

What's In it For Me?

Your questions are likely someone else's questions. And if I answer popular questions, more people read this blog. So you're helping me write more relevant content. 

I've been building websites for so long (like, more than 15 years!!) that I forget all the things that used to make my eyes fog over with confusion. I need you to remind me.

There's plenty I don't know too. And you'll push me to learn.

Building a Better Workshop

On May 13, the Bleeding Heart Art Space is hosting a Website Wednesday workshop. I'll be helping you build your site in person, offering some group guidance and one on one walkthroughs where you might be stuck. The more you ask me now, the better I'll be at my job then.

So mark May 13 in your calendar and join us. But don't wait until then to ask your questions.

The comments are wide open below, so please, OH PLEASE - ASK AWAY!


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