ArtScene13 Gets Resourceful for Us Artists

ArtScene13 Gets Resourceful for Us Artists

The scene in our city is just full of resouces. And if you can’t find it here, there’s a whole world or help at your fingertips online. Today’s ArtScene13 shares some local resources for the #yegarts, and a grab bag of online tools, tips and treasures, too. 

1. Skirts-A-Fire Festival

One of the best resources I know of is inspiration. That creative spark so often comes through the good work of others. On the threshold of International Women’s Day, take in the Skirts-A-Fire Festival on Alberta Avenue, an explosion of women in the arts. Tonight you can catch a live performance from CBC Music award-winners Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk!

Get full schedule and details at 

2. Guilding the Four by Aaron Paquette

Often focussing in on one piece of work can inspire us to go and create another. In a recent Edmonton Journal feature, read how a new painting from Aaron Paquette took him from despair towards hope

3. MRI as Art

Sometimes finding resources means being resourceful - finding inspiration and materials in unlikely places. Like MRI’s of your sister.

"Taking MRI scans of her sister — a Bioethics PhD candidate who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis — and imprinting her own body onto the charcoaled paper, [Darian] Goldin Stahl said she hopes to humanize the process of diagnosing an illness."

Read more about HABITUS, the MRI scan exhibit on at the U of A FAB Gallery until March 12, from Metro News here

4. It Was Confusement

Scott Berry’s confusement is now gone from the Nina Haggerty Stollery Gallery. If you, like me, missed the chance to see the show in person, you can take a video walk through, thanks to avid arts tweeter John Richardson

In his blog post, John Richardson shows us that one of the greatest resources to this or any scene, is the one who documents it.

5. RAW Artists Hits Edmonton

RAW Artists is an international arts organization spanning 60 cities. With an emphasis on bringing fashion together with many other mediums, they ‘Dig the Underground' and they have landed in Edmonton. Yet another resrouce for the #yegarts scene.

6. A Big Blank Wall 

Want to Paint a Mural On Whyte? How about a big blank wall for a resource? This mural project celebrates 20 years of the Whyte Ave Art Walk. And you can apply to paint it.

7. The Space to Work

Coworking is a growing trend for those of us without a steady 9-5 who don’t like working at home all of the time. The Bleeding Heart Art Space will be offering 4 workstations for a very reasonable rate by summer. Coffee, wi-fi, printing and new creative friends are included. If you’d like to rent a desk at the Bleeding Heart Work Space, send me an email.

8. Forget Space, Give Me Limitations

Sometimes the best resource we can ask for is as clearly defined set of limits. 

Apple recenlty put up a gallery of gorgeous photos all shot within the limits of the iPhone 6 camera. You’ll be amazed what that camera can see.

9. How To Keep More Money for These Resources

Few good things are truly free. And so often, we artists do not get along so well with money. I cannot help you make more money off of your art today, but I can help you keep more of the money you are making. Take a quick read through these '60 Simple Rules of Personal Finance’. A handful of them could revolutionize your wallet and help you do more with less.

10. From My Heart to Yours

Every week I sit down and pour my heart into a short email. I’d like to send you that email, if you don’t already get it. From time to time people tell me that it means something to them. That it was just what they needed to hear that day. It’s packed with encouragement, shared struggle and information about what teh Bleeding Heart Art Space is up to. If that sounds like a resource you’d be up for, please sign up right here.


11. Listen to This and Grow

Just last Sunday, because of something Seth Godin said on The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, I started blogging every day. It’s made me a better, faster writer already. 

If you’d like that kind of creative kick-in-the-pants, have a listen for yourself.

12. Hipster Business in a Box

Art not paying the bills? Need a side business? How about starting your own crafty hipster brand? There’s a site for that.

Give the Hipster Business Name Generator a try and come up with something fantastic like “Nest & Winter”.

Once you get your name you’ll need a logo. For that, head on over to Hipster Logo Generator

Here’s what I got. But I think we’ll stick with the heart.

13. Here Are 300 More for Good Measure

Just in case this list was not enough for you, let me pass on these "300+ Awesome Free Internet Resources You Should Know”. 

Some real gems there folks. Grab a tea and settle in.

Don't forget to send in your ideas for next week's list.

Just tag #ArtScene13 on social, or send me an email. I'll be happy to include your arts event, website, resource, etc. 

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