OPEN WALLS Covered by CBC Edmonton

They say all press is good press, but I'm not convinced. When someone writes about what you are up to, you hope for the best, but know that just one of many options. Sometimes words can be edited in funny ways. Context lost. Sometimes, under the pressure of lights or timers or microphones you say something you immediately regret. Or only regret upon hearing it played back, much too late to change it.

Yesterday, at 11:15, I'm expecting the best of all outcomes. Yesterday, I'm sitting in the gallery, waiting nervously with young artist Samantha H and her boyfriend Andrew. We are waiting to speak with Isabelle Gallant. On the record. We're here to talk about OPEN WALLS, the show that Samantha is showing in. A bright, bold painting of her hilarious little boxer, Diasy. One of, at last count, 39 crammed into our 400 square foot gallery.

I tell Samantha not to worry. That the whole thing won't take long. That Isabelle is great at setting a comfortable atmosphere. That all we need to to is have a conversation and Isabelle and her team will bring our story to life. 

I'm not always so sure, but Isabelle Gallant did a story last year on our very first show in the Space, Blue Christmas. It was such a powerful piece that it made me teary. Even though I was the one talking a lot of the time. Even though I knew this story inside out.

The best storytellers can take your story and reflect it back at you from a new angle. They can find the threads worth pulling on and weave those into something new. Something you can wear and feel flattered. Something that accentuates your best bits.

Isabelle Gallant and her team have done a wonderful job finding our most beautiful threads, and they have shared their work online. Like the best coverage, this story makes me feel as good as I ever have about what we're up to with this show. About our role in this city. About the part I get to play in all of this.

Thank you, Isabelle, for not only hearing but listening. It shows. 

Thanks also to Caitlin of CBC's web team for putting the web story together. 

Listen to the Radio Story

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