Five Finger Friday Keeps the Beauty Close

This week I'll point you in five directions for art, faith, hope and love and you won't have to leave a 2 mile radius to enjoy them all!

Index: The Leader


OPEN WALLS has been a blast. 40 artists involved and so many visitors with great things to say. A CBC Radio Active story. Some sales. This here video.

Your last chance to see OPEN WALLS in person is Saturday from 11-3. The art is VERY reasonably priced, so think about the gift potential here. Each piece is one of a kind. And every purchase supports an artist AND our gallery space.


Middle: The Attitude

Guerrilla Street Art

Head on down 118th ave, just past 95th street and look north. You’ll see this piece of street art. It’s a bright and beautiful surprise on the long-boarded Dacia Restaurant. 

Just another stop on your lovely Avenue weekend.


Ring: The Faithful

What Stephen Berg Still Believes 

Some time this weekend, sit back and read a beautiful reflection from a friend. Edmonton poet Stephen T. Berg just turned 61. Now that he’s older, his faith has taken some turns and some beatings. Here are the things Stephen still belives, now that’s he’s "61 and basically a grown man". They’re beautiful.


Pinky: The Outlier

Kinnaird Ravine Mural Project

Technically not out of town. Technically walking distance from my house. But step about 20 feet into the Kinnaird Ravine and I promise you will feel like you are far from the city. It was beautiful enough already, but Sebastien Barerra has organized the community to create dozens of large murals to decorate the pathway retaining wall. 

Admission is always free to this outdoor gallery and there is plenty to see. With the weather hanging on so warmly, this is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend. Especially if you are already headed down this way for all of the other activities on the list. 

Enter the Ravine just off 82st and 112th ave. Walk a ways down the path and you cannot miss it. When you think you’ve seen it all, you likely haven’t.



The Thumb: The Unsung Hero 

Edmonton Pottery Show and Sale

This week’s ‘thumb’ pick gets a little more literal than most. Potters use their thumbs to create their work, right? At least in my mind they do.

Take it from a guy who’s used his pottery mug for more than 3 years almost daily, pottery makes a great Christmas gift.

The show and sale takes place Saturday from 10-3 PM at Alberta Avenue Community League. Pretty much across the street from our gallery, so why not take in both and stop by the Stollery Gallery at the same time. Oh yes, then you could hit up the Carrot for some more art. Sounds like a plan?

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