Submit Your Work & Show at The Bleeding Heart

"How do you choose the art you show at the Bleeding Heart?"

I've been hearing that question from many of you lately. Rather than respond to every email (which, no worries, I will do), I figure it's time to post an uber-official response. 

I'll be first to acknowledge that our former selection methods involved alchemy, the tossing of different sized sticks into the air and a giant felt hat. Since this is beyond comprehension and explanation, we have decided to come up with a more sound selection process.

And it starts with your submissions.

Well, not those type of submissions. We want your ideas. Your visions and creative dreams. Your grand schemes to engage our community in conversations that matter. We want you to show us something beautiful. To move us. To dare us. To help us pay attention.

We started this Space for the community, not just for ourselves. Today, we are opening our Call for Submissions for the 2016 and 2017 gallery season. If you wonder if your work would be a fit for our space, have a read through our Manifesto and get a sense of what we're all about. 

Still with me? Great! We'd love to hear your ideas for the Space. Heck, you can even use our fancy dancy online form!  

Find the online Submissions form here

Find our PDF Call for Submissions online right about here.


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