Restless Wanderer: The Glen Day Four

A few weeks back I wrote about why I don't have a cell phone. I stand by my reasons, but on Wednesday of the Glen, I find myself wishing for better communication.

Linford and Karin of Over The Rhineassign us groups for a songwriting exercise. We will get together, on our own time, and write a new song. Together. By Saturday. The task is daunting, so we need to start right away. Today.

Edward and Rebecca head into town right after lunch. I want to go. I'm itching to visit Santa Fe on foot. I'm restless. I want to see the sights with my butterfly net in hand. But I need to work with my group first. So we'll meet up. I'll get Edward by email or Facebook from somewhere in town. No problem.

Except that it is a problem. It turns out Edward's phone is off to avoid roaming charges. We never meet up. So I wind up roaming. I traverse half of Santa Fe on foot.

By 6 PM I am hot and tired and nearly miss my second meet-up, a supper that I don't have time to eat. I get just the slightest bit lost, but at least I make my ride back to campus.

None of this is bad in the end. Serendipity throws me into a bath of beauty and I have time to soak. Camera in hand, I frame shots freely, no concern for the widening gap between myself and my party. I am my own party. I take time to look closer at Santa Fe today. I notice details. It's the kind of meandering journey you don't take on purpose, because it seems like a waste of time.

But when the journey ambushes you, you are grateful.

I am grateful. And I've got pictures to prove it.

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