Ars Poetica (On Leaving the Glen Workshop)

I wrote this poem as last year's Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico wound down. This year, I felt much the same. I share this as a promise of more reflections to come.

Ars Poetica (On Leaving)



If your special magic is to pluck a single star

from the vast night sky of time

and pull that star apart into

a universe

then do


The clock wanes

and I will see only one more New Mexico moon

Stars are shy where I come from

I have to dig for them

beneath the rush and noise

of traffic


Twenty-four short hours from now

I board the airport shuttle

in broad daylight

the stars slipping

out of my naive net


Of course I cannot keep this

I am no astronaut

stepping in slow motion

on this moon rock

There is no gravity here, to hold me

No children

No wife

No friends with earth-bound histories

I would lose my tether and

pirouette into the galaxy

revolving endlessly round

a center of myself


to space madness


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