Grow Your Art Challenge: The Final Countdown

Way back in January, I issued a challenge. Myself included. Make something this year. Make something that will challenge you. Make something you can finish. Make something you'll share when this year is over. Just make something.

In the making, I thought, we'd grow as artists. The deadline, I thought, would pull us onwards and upwards together. I've been surprised along the way. But I've been right.

Even though I am not going to finish my project on time, I am right about this challenge. I've grown. I've accomplished more than I would have otherwise.

The surprising bit? I've grown in other ways. Not just in the straight line of this project, but laterally, into other projects. 

But enough about me. This is the December check in. So those of you who made commitments, it's almost time to post the final score. Just seconds left in the third period. It's time to take stock, adjust, and finish what you can before the clock ticks out. How is your project coming along?

As usual, four questions;

  1. What have you completed?
  2. What can you show us today?
  3. What is your biggest challenge?
  4. How can we help you finish strong?

"So this is Christmas. And what have you done?"

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