#TalkBackTuesday: The Art of War

This week, we're changing up 'ArtsTalkTuesday'. Pertly because the phrase could also be interpreted as 'ArtStalkTuesday', which is creepy, but mostly because of what my intention with this has been along - to hear from you. But you are not always here, on this blog. You are everywhere. On social media, mostly. Twitter and Facebook and Pinstagram and ...

So we're bringing the conversation there. And maybe it will move there entirely. Let me know if that would be a loss to you. Last week there was some great conversation on where we create. Mostly, it happened on Facebook. 

You can follow these conversations easily with the #TalkbackTuesday hashtag. You can comment below, or post to your favourite social network with that hashtag - which will really help us keep the conversation rolling. That's my goal on Tuesdays - to get people talking about art, wherever they may be online.

Today's Question: What war-themed art (visual, film, music, literature, etc.) has Impacted you the most?

It is Remembrance Day - a day we pause to reflect upon, and honour, those who have fought for our freedom in Canada. If you're like me, you've never been anywhere near combat, and it is only through the power of art - storytelling, film, painting, photography, poetry - that you have experienced war. 

What piece, or pieces, have left the greatest impact, moved you the most or taught you the most, about war?

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