Grow Your Art Challenge: June Check-In

So, we're half way there, friends. How is your Grow Your Art Challenge project coming along? Back in January I threw down the gauntlet. Make some art, I said. Challenge yourself, I said. It'll be worth it, I said. Now I am hearing those words reverberate off the walls of my mostly empty bucket. Heck, I didn't even post the check in last month. I could be worried.

But I am not worried. I am moving forward.

I am behind where I wanted to be, but for the best of reasons. I've been working on other projects (Bridge Songs) that have honed my skills for my EP recording project. Sometimes the road is a little twisty, but we'll get there.

I know some of you have made great strides in the right direction. I've seen your efforts elsewhere online. I hope you'll take a moment to share them here with us, and encourage those who are struggling with their projects.

I'd like to hear where your project is at. I'd like to encourage you to join us, still. 6 months is still enough time to surprise yourself.

If you are taking this Challenge with me, please answer these four questions;

  1. What have you made for the Challenge so far?
  2. Is there something you can show us?
  3. What is the biggest struggle you are facing now?
  4. How can we help you move forward?

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